Your step to the future …

our corporate by-line and alpha Engineering Services motto for constant corporate commitment. Alpha therefore consistently upholds competent, future-oriented product development straight from project take-off, beginning with the relative design engineering and way on through all the relative construction and finished product phases.

Our intersectoral operations implement the most modern technologies in as far as computerised processes, long-distance data transmission and CAD/CAM/CAE systems go. Furthermore, our work is backed up by leading high-end suites, i.e.:

Top-notch know how, plenty of experience and the most modern equipment warrant our ongoing success with our business partners, with whom we share a close and constant exchange of mutually beneficial information and opinions. Further important factors we nurture are the continual instruction and advanced professional training by our highly motivated staff in all the various business sector activities. This ensures an unusually low employee turnover and works to keep a high degree of constancy in teamwork operations with our principals and clients. Corporate premises in the vicinity of our customer’s works give us the edge on project development timing. A widespread net of totally reliable and time-proven professional business relations support all project development steps in a resourceful and efficient manner via the contribution of products and services such as: design models and mock-ups, mould shaping, devices and appliances, prototypes and sample parts that are requisite for improved product synthesis and RPD processes.

In addition, we are certified in
accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Challenge us – customised innovation and increased business-value solutions are what we do best.